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Tennis Ball Pins
2" diameter

         Co-Captain    Coach     Tennis Mom




Bear Magnets 

  A.  Serve Bear    
B.  Ready Bear      






Take Cover Microfiber
Large Cleaning Cloth
Great for cleaning computers, monitors,
cameras. Favorite Take Cover Design.  12" x 12"



Microfiber Tennis Clothes   $6.49 each

Don't miss a shot!  Carry these tennis microfiber cloths in your tennis bag to clean your sunglasses or spectacles.  They come in a convenient carry case.  Not on the court?  Use the microfiber cloth to clean your ipad, cell phone, or computer screen.  

 * washable & reusable   * safe on all lenses  * size 6" x 8"





The Slice



Serve & Volley


Take Cover  



The Winner



tennis novelties   -  1   2   3   4


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