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White Tennis Theme Mug
Classic crossed racquet design.  Holds 10 oz.




Smilin' Tennis Ball Cup
Add this adorable cup to the kids' table for your
next tennis party.  Made of durable plastic.  This
brightly colored, fun Smilin' Tennis Ball Cup will
make a good party favor, too.  3" h x 3 1/2 w





Wimby Hand Painted Stemware
Go ahead... put your cocktail down with
confidence. These hand-blown, hand-painted
stemware pieces feature a "ball" to help
partygoers keep track of their
like a charm!  Wimby stemware is dishwasher
safe, and each glass comes in its own gift box.


 Wine Glass
out of the martini glass


      Queen Bee Wine Glass





Green 40-LOVE Travel Mug



Purple 40-LOVE Travel Mug




I'm a Tennis  Player
I'm a Tennis Player What's
Your Super Power?




tennis glassware & mugs  -  1   2 

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