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Bling Racquet Pin
Add bling to your hat or tennis bag with this tennis racquet
 and rhinestone tennis ball. 14K gold overlay.  1 1/2". 

$5.95 each /   10 or more $4.95   

Cool Mesh Cap
Contains magic cooling crystals.  Just soak in water
and it will keep you cool for hours!  Velcro adjusting
strap in back.  By Blu Bandoo


Racquet Stencil Kits
$19.95 - One Color Kit
$23.95 - Two Color Kit

Decorate your racquet yourself!  Includes stencil and one tube of ink ,color of your choice, and instructions. 
Stencils can be reused.  Ink colors: black, red, blue, white, green, pink, purple, yellow.  Extra inks available.

USTA teams and high school teams love them!  Will be adding school mascots in the future.

*   Easy to stencil yourself!
*   The stencils are high-quality, plastic material specifically made for stencils.
*   The stencils can be used over and over again to apply the stencil to your racquets.
*   The ink is manufactured specifically for application to tennis strings. It is fast drying and very durable.
*   Each bottle contains enough ink for six and eight applications. However, once opened, the ink on
     the applicator can dry up limiting the shelf life of the bottle.
*   Each bottle contains a felt-tip applicator that is rubbed on the strings to apply the ink.
*   Once applied, the ink is permanent on the strings. In order to change the stencil, it is necessary to re-string the racquet.
*   The ink will adhere to all types of strings. However, due to the impermeability of polyester strings, the ink does not get
     enough "bite" on this type of string and can wear off sooner than on the other types of strings.



Choosing Ink Colors:  Default colors are the colors shown.  If you would like a different color ink,
write a note in the comments box or email




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court accessories  -  1   2    3


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