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Hipster Ball Band
Where do you keep the tennis ball?  Here is a cool way to store the tennis ball
while you are playing.  Comes is three sizes 90% Polyester/ 10% elastic". Lay flat to air dry.
small   (waist 24" to 27")  

medium (waist 28" to 31")  

  large   (waist 32" to 35")  

Blue Tennis Bag ID Tag
Write your name and address on the back


Blu Bandoo Neckbandoos
$8.99 each

Keep your team cool! These Neckbandoos are essential during the hot months while your are playing USTA Districts or Seniors.  Simply immerse the Bandoo in water for five minutes and it will dry quickly to the touch. They keep cool for hours!
Need another color for your team?  Let us know!

White            Royal Blue           Blue Bandana       Leopard        Tennis Balls         Tennis Gear




Daisy Vibration Dampener
Dampens vibration on all racquets while
 looking cute. Girls of all ages love it!




Spider Vibration Dampener
For the boys!
Dampens vibration
in all rackets and looks cool doing it





Color TENNIS Water Jugs

Insulated water jug with straw


Black (not shown)





Rosin Bag

Rosin immediately dries your hands.  Works great for very hot and humid conditions. Just slap against hand or grip.  Resealable zip lock bag, pocket size, nonallergenic.




Band-It Forearm Band
2" wide, strategically place pressure point
provide maximum support. Relieves tennis
elbow and other forms of forearm and wrist
pain.  One size fits most.




Whistling Vibration Dampener
Whistles while stopping vibration in racquets. The
faster  you swing, the louder it whistles. Sound is similar
to a bee. Add two at the top of the racket for more sound.
Can be used as a teaching aid for adults, and adds
 fun to the game for kids.



Blinking Vibration Dampener
Hit a ball and the light blinks for
10 seconds! Dampens vibration in all
 racquets. Kids and juniors love it





Bling Racquet Butt Kit
Add some bling to the butt of your racquet!
Racquet grip sizes: 4 1/4 and 4 3/8
Larger sizes available upon request

We recommend having your local pro-shop
install the cap on the racquet when he regrips
your racquet.  Instructions included.


Grip size 4 1/4
Ruby     Emerald    Amethyst     Amber


Grip size 4 3/8
Ruby     Emerald    Amethyst     Amber





Wilson Microtac Overgrip
Tacky with added absorption




Professional Tennis Racquet Glove
Ladies' sizes in full or half finger.  Adjustable back
 and finger gussets provide snug fit.  Cabretta
 leather stays soft even after drying.




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